What You Need to Know About Link Building and Why

There was a time when search engine top ranking was achieved by simply building links without following any proper guidelines. Websites were appearing on top of SERPs having huge number of inbound links from low quality irrelevant sites with keyword rich optimized anchor texts. But today link building has become the most challenging part of SEO strategy. Spam link building techniques won’t work anymore. Only high quality links work. Now the question is what is a quality link? The answer is very simple. A link is called a quality link if it is from relevant and trusted source, sends traffic, from a page with high page rank, proper anchor text used, not easily acquired, few back links on the page and so many other factors.

If you are thinking to make a link building strategy safe to Google algorithms then you have to keep in mind these tips.Link-building

Proper use of anchor text:

Google penalized those sites which had a lot of back links from low quality, spam websites with exact match anchor text. So if you use optimized anchor text aggressively then your website will be hit by the penguin update anytime. The reason why it is better to change the anchor text so it appears natural.

Links from low quality and irrelevant websites:

Building links from low quality forums, blog comments, paid links can damage your website. Relevancy is the key in link building so building links from website that are irrelevant to your niche can ultimately harm your website.

Pointing Home page:

One of the mistakes SEO companies make is to target homepage only. If you build links only to your homepage then it will look unnatural the reason why you have to make sure that your website links are balanced.

Using trusted and reliable Agency for Link building:

If you are not sure how to build a link building strategy that works for you then you can hire a professional SEO agency to carry out link building for your website. Epic Creative Digital Solutions is one the leading SEO Companies in UAE offering Search Engine Optimization Services to local and international clients. We are experts in quality link building and would be happy to assist you in your link building efforts to boost your website ranking in major search engines with successful link building campaign. Contact us today.