Tips to remember before starting a web design project

During a website design process it is very important to engage a SEO expert to guide you in making a webpage which is user friendly and as well as SEO friendly. There are so many things which are necessary to implement during the initial stage.

Designing SEO friendly website

Business owners sometimes make mistakes by waiting till their site is designed and launched then they look for SEO services to improve the search visibility but this can lead to pay extra expenses what could have been easily implemented during the design process. . Here we are going to mention simple steps those would be helpful to improve the ranking of certain phrases for a new website.

Finding the right keywords and using them properly in your site:

The first thing before starting a web design to determine the important phrases or keywords related to your business niche. Different tools can be used to find the profitable keywords which your perspective clients might be looking for such as Google Analytics, Webmaster tool and also adwords data.

SEO friendly architecture:

After having complete knowledge of the business nature and the relevant keywords it is time to make the best use of them. The content should be organized in a way that the main categories should be on the top level in the hierarchy and then the sub categories and so on. All relevant services or products should belong to the same category and don’t mix with irrelevant categories. The navigation should contain your important services or products so the user should get a complete knowledge browsing your site what the page is about.

Focus on On-page Factors:

When adding contents then make sure all pages are optimized with Title tags, Meta tags, Header tags, proper image names, alt tags, Keyword density, content length, internal linking etc. Don’t forget to add social sharing buttons. Create a proper 404 page. Consider URL structure while creating new pages and must include the keyword in the URL.

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