How to Make Your Website Design Responsive?

Responsive Website Design

With continues improvement in information technology, it’s very important for the web developers and programmers to adapt to new programming techniques in order to keep with the pace of IT industry. Recent trend of smart phones and tablets have changed the way for web developers and designers. Earlier it was easy for designers to design the web pages once while keeping the same look and feel of the website. Now they have to design it for different screens having different sizes. There comes the concept of RESPONSIVE DESIGN.

Before we discuss the importance of responsive design, it’s important to understand what actually responsive design is?

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive web design is a way of coding your website in a way that it gives the optimal viewing. From optimal viewing it means that there will be minimum of resizing, text should be easily readable, images should adjust according to the size of the screen and easy and less navigation.

In order to achieve the above and make the website design responsive, it’s important for web designers and web developers to make the text, images, layout elements and video players to adjust according to the screen size of the device.

We have briefly discussed about what actually responsive web design is. Now we will discuss the importance of responsive web design.

Importance of Responsive Web Design

It is believed that the cost of development a responsive web design is far high and takes more time as well as compared to non-responsive web design. Yes it takes more time and the cost might be high as well. But the fact is that if you develop a non-responsive website for desktop, you will be asked to make a mobile version of the website as well and thus will take double time in developing a desktop version and mobile version of the website. It will take more time and effort because ultimately both will require time for maintenance.

But if you develop a responsive web design the cost will be for a single version only as it will adjust automatically for all devices and thus will not require keeping more than one version for the website. This can take more time in initial setup but the maintenance and future help is far more rapid and cost efficient.

How We Work in Epic Creative Digital Solutions?

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