Top 10 Web Design Tips You Should Know in 2015: Epic Dubai

Whether you have decided to revamp your old site or want to design a brand new website from the scratch you have to keep these 10 tips if you want to be successful in 2015. With the arrival of the New Year as a business owner you have to keep yourself updated. Gone are the days when websites were built in static html format. Now the key to success is to keep yourself updated with latest changes in the technology. Here are 10 tips to keep in mind for successful web design:Web-Design-Tips-You-Should-Know-in-2015-Epic-Dubai

1- User Friendly:

First of all you have to keep your users in mind. Don’t make for the spiders make for the users. If the users like it then definitely search engines will also love it. Make it easy to navigate and keep it simple.

2- Quality Content:

Content is King no doubt and the reason why no one can deny it so quality content is the key factor of a great website. Create useful contents that convert. Write great headlines and Meta tags. Make content easy to understand. Make it relevant what the user is looking for.

3- SEO Friendly:

It is not enough to have a functional website if it is not visible to search engines. Design it in a way that search spiders can easily discover it. Submit a sitemap. Create URLs that make sense. Categorize your services in a nice hierarchy. Use breadcrumbs. Write clean code with valid html. Use compressed images.

4- Use of Visuals:

A picture is worth a 1000 words so it is better to use graphics, media in order to better explain your message. People are more interested in reading articles which are nicely written in combination with text, images and videos.

5- Minimize Page load time:

No matter how useful and appealing is your website but if it takes more than a minute to load then no one will wait for it to open. So use compressed images, don’t use inline CSS, and write clean code so that the page load faster.

6- Make it Responsive:

Majority of us use smart phones so if your website is not mobile optimized then you are missing a lot of customers. Responsive web design is the need of every business. It is better because of having two websites one for desktops and one for Mobiles.

7- Blog:

Content marketing is the major part of successful online marketing strategy. Maintain a blog and update the content on regular basis. Write useful engaging contents and make them easy to share. Share your contents virally so that maximum people can read your articles.

8- Make your website trustworthy:

Use testimonials and reviews from your customers so that people will trust your business. Make use of Awards and good practice seals and social media following buttons in order to build the trust of people.

9- Avoid things that create destruction:

Using popups is a good idea to increase conversions but sometimes it becomes annoying for the visitors and they simply close the website. Consider delayed popups or use it in a way that the user spend as much time as possible on your website.

10- Use Analytic:

Measure your website performance how well it performs. How many visitors visit your site? From where they come. What are the sources?

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