Social Media Solutions in Dubai

Epic Creative Digital Solutions is a Dubai based Agency offering affordable Social Media Services in UAE. Hiring Epic Creative for your online marketing solutions is just like having your own social media department. We will analyze your business and make a Social Media strategy to meet your business goals and objectives.
Social Media Marketing UAE

Our Services include:

  1. Social Media Account Creation
  2. Social Media Management / Marketing

Facebook Monthly Marketing Tasks (On-Going)

Facebook marketing tasks will include a number of activities which will be performed on regular basis. These can be posting links from the website that have already been created on a blog or website, posting simple questions and fill-in-the-blank types of posts, monitoring conversations, deleting spam, and postings replies on the page. Interacting with other targeted pages as your page for increased visibility. Changing cover image once a month or agreed upon schedule

 Twitter Monthly Marketing Tasks (On-Going)

We will be performing different activities such as Facebook Page posts auto-post to designated Twitter accounts. Manually following other targeted tweeters to grow your following. Following and un-following people as per requirements. Actively re-tweeting and commenting on your behalf. Actively using the designated hashtags.

Google+ Monthly Marketing Tasks (On-Going)

We will be using Google Plus actively and our activities will not be limited to:

Status update/day that auto-posts to client’s Twitter account, Add people to designated Circles. Increasing Followers and much more.

Pinterest Monthly Marketing (On-Going)

Adding pins from existing content, Re-pinning pins from other people/business Boards.
Replying to comments if any, Commenting on others Pins

Special Note for this Pinterest: We pin directly from the blog/website so these would already need to be posted. We would be happy to create the visuals upon request, but may be subject to additional billing.

YouTube Monthly Marketing Tasks (On-Going)

Uploading and optimizing YouTube videos with titles, keywords, and descriptions to be found and drive traffic. Managing YouTube comments by answering posts and removing spam as needed. If you need video to be created, that would be a separate cost.

Note: Social Media banners will be provided by you and we assume you already have images you own.

Reports for ALL Contracted Work will be send on weekly or monthly basis TBA.

Call us today for customized Social Media strategy to reach your customers in UAE as well as across the world.