How to Increase Your Website Clicks by Writing Great Meta Descriptions

Although Meta description doesn’t have any ranking impact the reason why most of the people neglect the importance of Meta description but a well written Meta description can ultimately increase your website click through rate. If your website ranks as the number one result on a search engine but missing an optimized meta description then the websites ranking lower than your website will get the attention of the searcher. Although it is not considered as a ranking signal but it is very important to grab the attention of the searcher.


How to write killer Meta descriptions:

Here are few tips that can help you in writing great meta descriptions

  • The Meta description must be descriptive and fully explain what the whole article is about. The user will get full knowledge of the article before clicking on it to make sure whether it is relevant or irrelevant what the user is looking for.
  • The Meta description should be persuasive so it is not a bad idea to include a strong call action to make it appealing. In my opinion it will be a good idea if we include our phone number in Meta description to make it easier for the user to make a quick contact.
  • Although including a keyword in the Meta description will not help to boost SEO ranking but it will encourage the user to click on it. Don’t overuse same keyword as it will look spam not only for the search engine but also for the user.
  • If your Meta description is too long then Google will truncate it so it will be a good idea to make it of the exact length. The perfect length for a well written Meta description is 156 characters.

In short we can say that the Meta description is the most important feature for increasing the click-through rate and we have to put strong emphasis on it.

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