SEO in 2015 – 8 Tips to Boost Ranking in the New Year

As New Year 2015 will be arriving soon and with this change the world of SEO will also be changing. Looking back at the history there was a time when there was no rules for SEO, But with changing Google Algorithms SEO has become very tough and challenging. Here are few tips to succeed in SEO during 2015.


No doubt content is the king in SEO. Providing quality content on regular basis will definitely help to boost your SEO ranking. The best option is to maintain a blog and update it on daily basis and share the content viral. Content marketing will become the best SEO technique.

Responsive Design:

Google recommends responsive website a site which changes its layout from device to device and can be seen properly in all devices such as Laptops, tablets, mobile phones etc. The need for responsive web design will be in high demand.

User friendly:

Google loves websites that are user friendly and easy to navigate. If your website is not for user and only for Google bots then you are on the wrong way. Make websites for human being not for spiders.


Google is more concerns about security the reason why sites with https will have a little ranking boost over sites which don’t have. People will trust on websites with https rather than http.

Quality not quantity:

It doesn’t matter how many back-links your website have and it does matter from where you have got these links. Similarly a well written concise content is worth than a poorly written thousand words content.


The use of infographics will increase as Infographics are easy to understand and will continue to grow in future too.

Link building:

Link building will turn into link earning. Quality will be count not quantity. Google will make link building extremely hard and so spammer will get hard time in the near future. Only sites with quality content and a lot of relevant information will rank high. Social media sharing will continue to play an important role.

Google algorithms:

Google will continue the algorithms refresh both Panda and Penguin and as a result it will become hard for low quality sites to survive any more.

And finally people will be interested in buying through internet and companies offering the services and products will be having tough competition to get top ranking the reason why the need for SEO Experts will be in high demand. SEO business will likely to grow in 2015.

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