SEO vs PPC: Which One is the Better Option in 2015?

SEO-vs-PPCWith the arrival of new year 2015 companies are looking for the latest techniques to increase their sales. When we think about online advertising then there are two options available to boost a website traffic. One is called SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization and the other is PPC (Pay per click). In PPC you have to pay a certain amount to Google when you are using Google adwords for each click your ad will receive. But there is another way to achieve Google top ranking through Search engine optimization but it will take time to reach at the top of the search results for specific keyword but once it is achieved through ethical SEO techniques then you can start getting the benefits. Both have their pros and cons but for business owners it is difficult to choose which one is better but it all depends on business needs and requirements i.e. if you have just started a new business and want some quick leads or brand awareness then PPC might be a better option as it gives you some quick results. But if you are an established business and you need to get free organic traffic to your site and can wait for few months for the results then SEO might be a better option. The purpose of both advertising mediums is same but the only difference is the use. The main thing which can effect both is the cost.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

As we have just explained that SEO traffic is free you don’t have to pay to the Search Engine for any impression or click and of course you have to pay for the SEO work whether you hire an agency or you hire an in-house team of SEO experts. The only problem is that it will take time and requires very hard work. The time and results are based on the competition of the keywords. If your niche is competitive then you have to wait for several months to get top 5 results. To achieve this you need you need a solid SEO plan and if you don’t know anything about SEO then don’t make experiments and hire a reputed Online Marketing Company to handle your website’s SEO.

Pay Per Click (PPC):

If you can’t want for organic ranking then you can go straight away for PPC. For CPC as the name indicates that you have to pay for each click. The cost of the click depends upon the popularity of the keyword, competition and certain other factors. But the good thing is you have to pay only if someone clicks on your ad and also you have complete control over your budget and you can set a daily budget for your campaign. The same rule applies here as for SEO like if you don’t know how to achieve the best results through PPC then better to hire a PPC Company to manage your adwords campaign.


Both Pay per click and Search engine optimization can be used to promote a business but the effectiveness of both depends upon your advertising budget and your target market. Both can be useful and beneficial if done in a proper way. If you are not happy with your current online marketing efforts and looking for a reliable partner to execute a successful Digital marketing strategy for you then Epic Creative Digital Solutions a Dubai based online advertising agency would be happy to assist you in meeting your advertising goals and increasing sales.