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Introduction to Magazine Design:

Magazine Design and Printing UAE

A magazine is a periodical publication which includes illustrations and articles focusing on a specific topic or aimed at particular readership which is printed or published electronically.

In Dubai different types of magazines are published on monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis. The reason why the need for Magazine designing and printing companies is in high demand. Epic Creative offers this service at very fair prices maintaining the highest quality.

Designing a beautiful magazine needs a lot of efforts and creativity. There are certain things which will need special attention.

Magazine Cover:

A magazine cover page is the most important part of the designing process as it sells the brand and has to be different from the other pages. So the reason why the designer must spend time in creating a unique cover page.

Structure of the magazine and the body text:

The first page of course will be the cover page and then the next page will be for advertisement purpose, the 3rd page can also be reserved for advertisement and so on. The magazine can contain several key pages but all depends on the requirements.

Another most important part of a magazine is the body text and the typography. Magazine readers will be interested in nice images, great headlines so to it is important to put more emphasis on the text formatting during the designing phase.

When to re-design a magazine:

With the passage of time the old design becomes out dated and companies looking for a new look for their magazines. So it is better to re-design the old magazine according to the newest trends.

Magazine Printing Services in UAE:

A part from design a quality printing also is the major part of Magazine publication. So if your magazine is not printed the way you want it to be then the time and money will be wasted. The reason why Epic Creative offers quality magazine printing services.

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