How to Determine the Cost of SEO- An Overview

The most frequently asked question about Search Engine Optimization? How much you charge for SEO services!


The most important factor of any service is the cost associated with it and the same applies to SEO. As there is no fixed criteria to define how much a company should pay for the search engine optimization services the reason why different companies have different criteria. In Dubai SEO Agencies have different packages such as Basic, Advance, Premium etc. but whatever package you choose make sure you have selected the right company and you have allocated a reasonable amount to invest. Don’t choose cheap SEO services as you will get nothing out of it except wasting your time and money.

Factors which can affect the cost:

Whenever you decide to use SEO services for your business then you will have two options, hire an in-house team of SEO Experts or outsource the project. Whatever you select you have to make a decision after analyzing your budget and the cost involved. It is so complex to know the actual cost how much you should pay. It is not like a book where the cost is written on the cover page and when you buy it you pay the actual amount mentioned on it. So it is somehow like buying a rope. Whenever you increase the meters the cost also increases so same applies to SEO if you increase your keywords, and target locations the cost will change. If you want to get top results for a keyword like “mobile phones” then this can cost you huge amount than ranking for “mobile phone shops in Ajman Dubai”. So make a list of keywords you want to get top ranking for them, your target market and then request for a quote. The price can also be greatly affected by the reputation of the agency, expertise of the SEO team members, and knowledge of your specific niche.

SEO Pricing Packages & Services Offered by Epic Creative:

At Epic Creative Digital Solutions our costs are affordable as compared to other companies. SEO is not a onetime process that once your ranking improved you stop the optimization process. You have to continue your efforts once your website ranking improves. Whenever you think of buying SEO services you can think of an amount somewhere between 1000AED to any highest amount which is payable on monthly basis. So there is no fixed price and it can vary depending upon the client’s requirements but one thing to make sure we don’t have any hidden charges you will have to pay monthly fee whatever is decided and whatever you invest will yield you fruitful results. Contact us today for free quote!