SMS and Email Marketing Services in Dubai

SMS Marketing in Dubai


SMS Marketing is a great marketing tool for directly interacting with customers using text messaging. SMS advertising allows businesses to send offers, promotions, coupons, services/product updates using SMS text messages.SMS text massage marketing enable the business to have direct measurable and track able marketing medium of advertising. Right now you place an advertisement in newspaper, magazine or online markets you have to wait for response. In case of SMS (Short message service) Marketing it is an instant response. As the number of cell phone users is increasing rapidly in UAE so no doubt it is the best marketing option to reach the local community.

Our SMS Marketing Services:

Epic Creative Digital Solutions is one of the leading SMS Marketing Companies in Dubai. At Epic we are experts in creating customized plan for your marketing needs. We offer complete range of Digital advertising services in Middle East not limited to Mobile Marketing. SMS Marketing can be very effective in Dubai as you can create customized Campaign to target different nationalities and languages such as Arabic Speakers, English Speakers etc. At Epic we update our SMS Database frequently so that your message will reach your target customers without any delay and bounce back. So if you have any question regarding starting a successful campaign such as:

  • How to do SMS Marketing?
  • Why to choose it?
  • Where can I find SMS Advertising Agency?
  • How much will be the cost?
  • What will be the results?

Then Epic Creative would be happy to assist you in finding trusted solutions to your Marketing concerns. Whether you are a start up or an existing company and want to increase your sales and ROI then Call Us Now for a free quote.

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