Digital Offset & Screen Printing in Dubai

What do you want to print today? So you already have decided what to print but don’t know whether to use Offset technology, Digital or Screen Printing method? Then this article is exactly for you.

Printing technology has made life so easier that it has become one of the basic needs of every business nowadays. The demand for printing increases rapidly recently. UAE is one of those countries where Printing Companies are in high demand. Due to large number of companies it is difficult to choose the right printing press. Companies like Epic Creative Digital Solutions (top printing agency in Dubai) offer different types of printing such as Digital, Offset or Screen printing to meet the client’s needs.

There are different types of printing techniques available to get the job done but the most popular methods are Offset Lithography, Digital Printing and Screen printing. All have their own pros and cons let’s discuss here.

Digital Printing:

Digital printing has brought a lot of new advancement to today’s commercial printing. If you want to print in fewer number then digital printing is the best option. Let’s suppose you want to print less than 500 business cards then this will be ideal solution to get the job done. The only difference is that there is no need to replace the printing plates. It is also referred to as professional printing. It is cost effective when used for home or office printing due to digital process that bypass need for Plates. It is the best method for customized printing such as children books with their names on them, wedding photo books

Offset Printing:

Also referred to as Offset lithography is the most reliable and trusted printing technology ideal for printing in a large quantity. The main advantage is that the greater the number the lower the price. It is one of the mostly used printing techniques. According to statistics more than 40% printing jobs are carried out using this method. We at Epic Creative also offer offset printing services in UAE at very reasonable price.

There are two types of offset printing available:

  1. Sheet-fed Offset Printing Press
  2. Web-fed Offset Printing Press.


Screen Printing:

Screen printing also known as serigraphy was first used by the Chinese almost 2000 years ago. It creates unique visual results. It is very flexible printing technology and economical as compared to other techniques. It creates vivid results which is the main advantage of it and the quality is even better but sometimes the cost can be high for smaller number for high quality printing because of the setup charges to prepare the screens for different colors.
Each type of printing has its own advantages and disadvantages but the important thing is to maintain the quality whatever technique you use so if you are looking for professional printing company to get the job done at affordable cost without compromising on the quality then Epic Creative Digital Solutions based in Dubai, would love to help you. Send us your printing requirements for a free quote.