5 Black Hat SEO Techniques You Should Avoid in 2015

Black Hat Techniques are those techniques which are used to get top ranking violating Search Engine Optimization guidelines. By using these techniques quick ranking can be achieved but later your website might get black listed and even search engine will d-index your website. To get top ranking and maintain your ranking in 2015 you have to keep these techniques in mind:Black-hat-SEO-techniques-2015

1- Keyword Rich Anchor Text:

There was a time using keyword as your anchor text was very common but after penguin update it is compulsory to use varying anchor text if you want to be on safe side in 2015. You can use different types of anchor text such as Brand name, Synonyms, Click here or the URL itself.

2- Low Quality Link building:

Inbound links are considered as votes for a website but if your links are coming from low quality sites, penalized sites, or low quality forum signatures, blogs then soon or later your website might get penalized. In order to get high ranking you should get links from relevant, high quality, and Authority websites.

3- Duplicate Content:

Content is the king in SEO but copying others’ articles and using in your website will harm your site. Write unique, error free articles if you want high ranking in search engine result pages.

4- Keyword Stuffing:

Gone are those days when keyword stuffing was used by SEOs to get high ranking but now only those sites can get high ranking which are informative and contain correct keywords density. Using the same keyword again and again to get high ranking for that keyword won’t work now.

5- Use of Spun Articles:

Submitting the same article with little modification through article spinners in too many article directories will definitely harm your website. Spun articles contain errors and considered as low quality content.


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