6 Amazing Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Website in 2015

6 Amazing Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Website in 2015
A great website is only possible if it is designed by a professional agency. The qualification, experience and skills of the web designer do matter a lot. What happens if someone visits your website and close it without making any sale? Looks strange? Of course you will be thinking a lot. Have you identified the real problems? Think for a while why your website is not making sales? Here are few tips which can help you to get most of your website in 2015:

1- Make your headline clear on the Home Page:

As first impression is the last impression the same applies here. Statics show that more than 80% people will read your headline so make it clear, shorter and in bigger font. Put it on the top of the home page.

2- Add testimonials:

Testimonials are a great way of building trust. Most of the time it is better to show faces of customers and of course it is much better if you have some video testimonials.

3- Use Call to Actions:

Make your Call to actions bigger and prominent so that users can find them easily. It is better to use three times in a website such as on the top, Middle and the bottom. Bigger Cal to Actions get more clicks as compared to smaller.

4- Make your Form Shorter:

If you are using a form to get the basic information from clients then better to keep it shorter. Remove the extra fields and make it easy to submit. Get rid of the extra fields and stick to your goals.

5- Minimize destruction:

Remove unnecessary links and popups as sometimes they create confusions and the user forgets what action to perform. Guide the user in a nice way how to complete the action and try to minimize the steps.

6- Measure the performance:

Use analytic to measure how well your website it is performing. From where you are getting more traffic. Who are the visitors and what they are looking for? How much improvement is possible?

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